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Can I switch my payroll in the middle of the tax year?

You can. It is easy to switch payroll providers in the middle of the tax year. We always ensure that all your data is correctly backdated so that the tax year information is correct.

What limits are there to the minimum or maximum number of employees that can be processed?

There are no size limitations to the payrolls that we process.

What is the time constraint needed to submit working hours (time sheets or clock cards)?

The indicative lead time is generally 5 working days, but we recognise that each client’s needs are unique, so we always discuss these parameters with each client.

What is the time period from accepting the proposal to actually paying the salaries and wages?

This depends on the client and the number of employees, but for most clients this is accomplished within one full pay period.

Will I still have control of the pay roll?

At Unilab, the client always retains full control of the payroll. We supply complete wage period and annual reports, and any changes to the payroll are only done on written instruction from the authorised personnel of the client.

Who pays my staff?

We offer a full range of payment option services. Each client gets to choose the payment process that is best for their needs. We pay staff on the client’s behalf, or we supply our clients with the relevant information so that our clients pay their staff directly. For security reasons, we do not handle cash or cheques when processing payments on behalf of our clients. All our payments are made by electronic funds transfer EFT.

Who does the completion and submission of the monthly forms?

We offer a full range of monthly services. We can either supply the client the relevant information and the client does the rendition of all returns, or we can do the returns on the client’s behalf.

Who does the biannual PAYE reconciliation?

We offer a full range of biannual reconciliation services. We can provide the information to the client for self-submission, or we can process and submit the reconciliation on the client’s behalf.

Who does the completion and submission of the financial year end forms?

We offer a full range of year-end services. We can supply the client with the information for self-processing, or we can complete and submit the relevant forms on the client’s behalf.

What is the turnaround time to resolve queries?

This normally takes two to four hours, depending on the query. We confirm receipt of your query within 4 hours and we get back to you with a resolution within a maximum of 2 days.

Are the pay slips hard copy or electronic?

Each client gets to choose which format best suits their needs. Additionally, we can submit payslips directly to the client’s staff electronically.

Who controls annual leave, sick leave and statutory family responsibility leave?

We offer a full range of leave calculation services. Each client gets to choose the leave management process that is best for their needs. If we process this on behalf of our clients, we always provide the relevant reports on a monthly basis.

How are employment benefits calculated?

Employment benefits are automatically calculated in terms of the Income Tax Act by approved software.

What salary and wage returns must I submit each year?

Every aspect of salaries and wages is our core business. We can submit every return to all entities throughout the year for your business, no matter the frequency or time frame.

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