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Salaries and wages are a very sensitive issue for both the employer as well as the employee. Incorrect and/or late payment of staff leads to unhappiness and affects morale which has a direct effect of productivity, resulting in financial loss to the employer. It is imperative that salary and wage processing Gauteng be correctly calculated and paid on time, every time.

Unilab offers the standard as well as any client customized solutions for salary and wage processing as well as PAYE reconciliations Gauteng. We offer a wide spectrum and level of wage and salary processing. Examples of this are:

  • Preparation of pay slips only
  • Compiling time sheets
  • Processing of the pay slips
  • Importation of data from clock card machines, manually or electronically
  • Supplying a schedule of the salaries to be paid by the client
  • Obtaining bank accounts for employees who do not have bank accounts
  • Supplying an electronic file for the client to import into his bank to pay the salaries and wages
  • Importing directly into the client’s bank account the salaries to be paid, and to be authorised and released later by the client
  • Us paying all of the salaries directly into the employee’s bank accounts
  • Supplying schedules of returns to be paid by the client
  • Generating, submitting and paying statutory returns on behalf of the client
  • Using of our facilities for UIF and PAYE. However we cannot use our Workmen’s Compensation facilities as each industry has a separate classification. However we can arrange the necessary registration
  • The annual and bi-annual reconciliation of PAYE (SARS form EMP501)
  • The annual reconciliation of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases. (Form WA 8)
  • Compiling the annual Employment Equity return as per the Employment Equity Act
  • Payroll facilities to accommodate the statutory requirements of Lesotho; Swaziland; Mozambique; Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia
Salaries & Wages

Wage and Salary Solutions Gauteng

Our core business and expertise is salary administration Gauteng, salary and wage processing Gauteng and all related aspects


Payroll Administrators Gauteng

With more than 60 years combined experience we offer reliable wage and salary solutions Gauteng and salary administration for small to medium sized businesses

Customised Solutions

Salary and Wage Processing Gauteng

Unilab offers standard, flexible and fully customised salary and wage solutions Gauteng, with adaptable software to clients for salary administration


PAYE Reconciliations Gauteng

Facilitation and registration of Monthly PAYE, Annual PAYE reconciliations Gauteng, Workmen’s Compensation and Union returns can be arranged